Administrative Assistant Position Available

Knox County Farm Bureau (KCFB)

Job Description

Administrative Assistant


This position of Administrative Assistant will report to the Farm Bureau Manager, assist task forces, be administratively responsible to, and will be supervised/directed by the manager.  The Administrative Assistant will be responsible for collection and process of all dues.  The Administrative Assistant will maintain all membership records in accordance with county policies, procedures, and the operational procedures of the Illinois Agricultural Association (IAA); and timely submit all membership required reports to the Manager, KCFB Board of Directors and the IAA. This individual will handle all membership cancellations, transfers, reinstatements, code changes, and address changes. The Administrative Assistant will develop a relationship with members who seek services at the County Farm Bureau Office. The Administrative Assistant will prepare monthly cash reports for the IAA in the manner approved for such reporting.  The Administrative Assistant will maintain current membership records in the county Farm Bureau office and prepare membership reports on a monthly basis, or more frequently as requested by the Manager.  The Administrative Assistant will prepare monthly Board membership reports in the manner approved for such reporting.

The Administrative Assistant will be responsible for the administration of the county Farm Bureau accounts.  This individual will work with all affiliated company employees and/or independent contractors (i.e., COUNTRY Financial agent) to provide membership information at the approval of the Manager.  The Administrative Assistant will assist with all membership drives and campaigns to increase membership, retention, and to insure proper membership acquisition and maintenance in the county.

This person will perform all typing, filing, and clerical duties as assigned by the Manager and in accordance with this job description.  This person will become proficient in the use of all office equipment, machines, and membership software.

The Administrative Assistant will be responsible for the financial management of the county Farm Bureau accounts. The Administrative Assistant will have to work with our accountant and manage the accounting software by inputting all transactions relevant to the county Farm Bureau.

In addition, this individual will act as a facilitator and motivator, as well as an advisory and resource professional to assist all active committees and task forces in carrying out their programs and activities as approved by the task forces themselves and finally, by the Board of Directors for the benefit of the membership in that county.  The Administrative Assistant will assist the manager, the task force leaders to help carry out a well-rounded Program of Work.  The Administrative Assistant will assist the following committees and task forces:

  • Young Farmers Committee
  • PrimeTimers Committee
  • Education & Outreach Task Force
  • Member Relations Task Force
  • Government & Policy Task Force
  • Farm Business Task Force

The task force structure is at the discretion of the Board of Directors and manager.

The Administrative Assistant will help active committees and task forces conduct their programs, develop a Program of Work, and hold regular meetings, which may include some night meetings.  The Administrative Assistant will communicate with committees and task forces on a regular basis to conduct their business. The Administrative Assistant will be responsible for preparing and providing the appropriate information needed.

The Administrative Assistant will also assist with the production of the county Farm Bureau’s monthly publication, The Bulletin, as well as information updates on the website.

This individual will perform other duties as assigned.

Items to do on a daily basis

  • Answer telephones, take messages
  • Wait on the counter
  • Provide information to the public
  • Photocopying
  • Mail functions such as: sort mail, assemble mailings, handle postage
  • Manage membership records
  • Process new members/send out new member information
  • Maintain addresses
  • Transmit information to Bloomington as needed
  • Process membership transfers, cancellations, etc.
  • Administer the organization account

Items to do on a weekly basis

  • Catch up on filing for Farm Bureau, membership records
  • Assist Task Forces
  • Assist with updates on the website
  • Process membership dues

Items to do on a monthly basis

  • Assist with Boards and Task Forces meeting preparations
  • Assist in cleaning up after Board meetings
  • Type minutes from meetings
  • Prepare necessary membership reports
  • Assist with monthly publication, The Bulletin

Items to do on an annual basis

  • Compile & bind minutes of previous year
  • Prepare for annual audit

Items to do on an "as-needed" basis

  • Keep track of various program sign-up sheets
  • Type letters/forms/correspondence
  • Order needed office supplies
  • Bulk-rate mailings
  • Other duties as requested by the Manager

General Expectations

  • Report directly to the Farm Bureau Manager
  • Work with the office staff, Board members, task force members, and the general public
  • Wear appropriate dress for the office--as determined by the Manager
  • Display a willingness to learn how to use new office equipment when requested to do so
  • Provide the face of Farm Bureau to all members and public entering the building
  • Display a willingness to help and support other staff in the building


Qualified candidates can submit a cover letter and resume to Hailey Weyhrich at by 4:30 pm on July 27, 2020. Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview by Hailey Weyhrich.

Inquiries about the position may be made to Hailey Weyhrich, Manager, Knox County Farm Bureau (309) 342-2036.