Steve Johnson Webinar

Webinar – Steve Johnson

A webinar titled Crop Marketing Strategies will be presented on Tuesday evening, June 16 at 7 pm CDT. The featured speaker will be Dr. Steve Johnson, Extension Farm Management Specialist with Iowa State University. The webinar is free but does require pre-registration.

Steve will review both old & new crop supply/demand & cash price projections, highlight crop marketing strategies & tools and feature written crop marketing plans for 1,000 acre row-crop example farm. The webinar will last one-hour followed by questions.

Please pre-register here


4th Annual Knox County Farm Bureau Foundation Golf Outing

Join us for a fun day of golf to help support the Knox County Ag in the Classroom program! Sign up will begin at 7:00 with a shotgun start at 8:00. Four-person teams playing best ball. The team entry fee is $240. The entry fee includes 18 holes of golf and lunch. All proceeds will benefit the Knox County Farm Bureau Foundation Ag in the Classroom and Scholarship Program.

To register or become a sponsor, click HERE.


Knox County Youth Livestock Expo- Livestock Show

Knox County Youth Livestock Expo Sponsored by the Knox County Farm Bureau

July 18, 2020 Knox County Fairgrounds – All Species

July 19, 2020 Equestrian Arena, Lake Storey Park – Horses


July 18, 2020

6:30 AM Weigh-In Begins

8:30 AM Show Begins


Show Order:

8:30 AM: Chickens and Rabbits – Poultry Barn

8:30 AM: Goats, Sheep, Hogs, Bucket Calves, Cattle



One entry per class


Meat Classes:

Consists of 3 birds (3 Males OR 3 Females)

· Broiler-fryer - each weighing under 4 pounds

· Roaster - each weighing 4 pounds or over


Large Fowl Classes:

American Breed

· Cockerel

· Pullet

· Pen


Asiatic Breed

 · Cockerel

 · Pullet

· Pen


English Breed

· Cockerel

· Pullet

· Pen


Mediterranean Breed

· Cockerel

· Pullet

· Pen


Other Standard Breed

· Cockerel

· Pullet

· Pen


Production Hybrid

· Cockerel

· Pullet

· Pen


 All American Breeds: Rocks, Wyandotte, Rhode Island Reds

All Asiatic Breeds: All Feather Leg Breeds, Brahmas, Cochins, Langshans

All English Breeds: Sussex, Orpington, Australorp, Cornish

All Mediterranean Breeds: Leghorn, Minorca, Andalusian, Ancona

All Other Standard Breeds: Polish, Hamburg

All Production Hybrids: Production Reds and all other Crossbred



Clean Legged

· Cockerel

· Pullet

· Pen


Feather Legged

· Cockerel

· Pullet

· Pen



Two entries allowed in each category


California and Rex Classes:

· Senior Doe (over 8 months old)

· Senior Buck (over 8 months old)

· Doe (6 to 8 months old)

· Buck (6 to 8 months old)

· Junior Doe (under 6 months old)

· Junior Buck (under 6 months old)


Netherland Dwarf, Dutch, New Zealand, Holland Lop, Mini Lop, Mini Rex, All Other Breeds and Crossbreds Classes:

· Senior Doe (over 6 months)

· Senior Buck (over 6 months)

· Jr. Buck (under 6 months)

· Jr. Doe (under 6 months)

· Meat Pen is a pen of 3 rabbits. Recognized meat breeds of rabbits for State Fair will be allowed in this class. Rabbits are not to be over 70 days old or 5 pounds in weight.



A. BREEDING Goats (1 entry of each)
1. Doe Kid I (0-6 months)
2. Doe Kid II (6-12 months)
3. Yrlg. Doe I (12-18 months)
4. Yrlg. Doe II (18-24 months)
5. Aged Doe (24-36 months)
 Grand Champion Doe overall
 Reserve Champion Doe

1. Single Market Goat (2 entries)
(born on or after Oct. 1, 2018)
 Grand Champion Market Goat
Reserve Champion Market Goat



1. Ewe Lamb (2 entries allowed) (born on or after Jan. 1, 2019)

2. Pair of ewe lambs (1 entry of 2)
2. Yrlg. Ewe (1 entry)  (12-24months)
3. Aged Ewe (1 entry) (24-36 months)

ALL Breeds will be shown together! 

1. Single Market Lamb (2 entries allowed) (born on or after Jan. 1, 2019)
2. Pair of market lambs (1 entry of 2)
Market Lamb: Market lambs include ewe or wether lambs




Two gilts and two barrows can be shown

All swine will be shown by weight.


Bucket Calves

One calf per exhibitor

Classes will be judged on 4-H’ers knowledge of project; no emphasis will be placed on quality or confirmation of calf.

Ages 4-12 eligible



Two steers will be allowed, and unlimited females can be shown

All steers exhibited will be weighed for classification.

Breed classes will be shown by age.

Crossbred heifers will be exhibited by weight determined by declared or estimated weight.



  • Ages 8-21, plus bucket calves on the day of the show
  • Exhibitors must live in Knox County and/or be apart of a Knox County 4-H Club
  • Showmanship will be judged during the judging of species
  • All animals will be subject to State Health Regulations and Premises Identification Number.  Health papers will be checked prior to unloading
  • Exhibitors will be able to leave after showing. Please respect other exhibitors who are still showing!
  • Animals may be stalled in barns or at trailers. No pens or bedding will be provided.
  • Must follow all local, state, and federal COVID-19 recommendations!

Knox County Youth Livestock Expo- Horse Show

July 19, 2020

8:00 AM Registration Begins

9:00 AM Show Begins



Show Order:

1. Pony Halter (56 inches & under)

2. Stock Type Mare Halter

3. Stock Type Gelding Halter

4. Light Horse Halter

5. Mule Halter

6. Sr. Showmanship

7. Jr. Showmanship

8. In Hand Trail

9. Trail

Lunch Break (Bring your own food or check-out a restaurant in Galesburg)

10. Open Saddle Seat

11. Sr. English Walk/Trot

12. Jr. English Walk/Trot

13. English Equitation

14. Hunt Seat Pleasure

15. Sr. Open Walk/Trot Equitation OT

16. Jr. Open Walk/Trot Equitation be OT

17. Sr. Western Walk/Trot

18. Jr. Western Walk/Trot

19. Sr. Western Horsemanship

20. Jr. Western Horsemanship

21. Sr. Western Pleasure

22. Jr. Western Pleasure

23. Barrels

24. Flags

25. Plug

26. Poles

27. Driving (2 or 4 wheel)


Jr. and Sr. High Point

Champion and Reserve in both divisions


OT= Optional Tack. Proper Attire required in all classes. Helmets are required while mounted. Judge’s decision is final. No stallions are allowed. All horses out of control will be dismissed from the class. 5 minute tack change.


  • Ages 8-21
  • Exhibitors must live in Knox County and/or be apart of a Knox County 4-H Club
  • Ride at your own risk!
  • Clean all manure and trash around trailers.
  • Illinois Law – negative coggins and out of state coggins need health certificate.
  • All dogs must be on leash.
  • No alcohol on city grounds.
  • Must follow all local, state, and federal COVID-19 recommendations!